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With an aim in mind to unlock your full potential in the legal profession, Malaysia Law Institution Programmes further develop your knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the competitive legal landscape of Malaysia. Apart from expanding your legal know-how, you will be in good hands with proficient legal professionals and experts who have stayed at the forefront of their field. So whether you are looking to expand your legal profession, enhance your professional standing in the legal community, or gain new insights into the legal industry, our programmes have something to offer for everyone. In order to cater to working lawyer professionals, our programs are specially designed to be flexible and accessible so that you can learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. Take your legal career to the next level and stay ahead of the curve with our Malaysia Law Institution Programmes.


To be Malaysia's premier legal education provider, empowering the next generation of legal professionals with unparalleled expertise and ethical grounding.


To offer accessible, high-quality legal education that equips working professionals with the knowledge, skills, and integrity to excel in the legal profession.


Ms Sim Wen Yee

Founder & Lead Trainer of Malaysia Law Institution
Founder and Senior Partner of Messrs Sim & Rahman, Advocates & Solicitors

Ms. Sim Wen Yee is the Founder & Lead Trainer of Malaysia Law Institution. She is also the Founder and Senior Partner of Messrs Sim & Rahman, Advocates & Solicitors, a firm started on December 1st, 2014. She specialises in Wills, the Grant of PROBATE (GP), Letter Administration (LA), Estate Administration, Property & Company Law, with more than 10 years of experience.

Her portfolio includes:

  • Lead Trainer in Succession Law in Malaysia Law Institution
  • Founder of Messrs Sim & Rahman
  • President of Worldwide Lawyer League Asia Pacific
  • EXCO Kebangsaan & Legal Advisor and Counsel for Country Consumer Action Board (MTPN)
  • EXCO & Legal Advisor of Breast Cancer Welfare Association
  • Vice President for the Asia Entrepreneur Chamber of Commerce
  • President of International Top Will Trustee Body

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